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Posted 2 years ago

Using Mullets for Good, Not Evil

I’m not sure who really helped who here; did ALS help rid the world of one more mullet or did a mullet help raise money and awareness for ALS? I guess a little of both. Though this poor, misguided young man seems to be under the impression that a mullet is a “desirable haircut,” he did good this week, so I’ll cut him some slack. (No pun intended.)

Here he is without his mullet...

(Here he is mulletless with his coach. Photo from Click title to read the whole article)

But all kidding aside, I lost my grandmother to this. It was awful and heartbreaking to watch the best lady I’ve ever known lose autonomy over her own body. I lost a woman in my life who I think I somehow might have appreciated even more in my 30’s. Now I can only wonder what I never knew to ask her.

Don’t know much about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)? Well, you’re in luck; It’s ALS awareness month this May. didn’t even know that! Check out the site to learn more.

I know that’s two whole links in one post, but I’m just doing my part to raise awareness…sans mullet.